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Case of the Month

Mr. Vinod Yadav 22 yrs, boy had industrial accident on 05/07/2014. He had badly crushed left leg near ankle with crushed blood vessels, nerves, muscles, fractured (Tibai & Fibula) bones with loss of skin. He underwent emergency surgery on the same day by fixation of bones with external fixator, repair of muscles, tendons, nerves and blood vessels. Transfer of thigh skin with its blood vessels (free Microvascular antero-lateral thigh flap) was done to cover the open bones and vital tissues in the same admission. Wounds healed well & he was discharged. After 2 months he underwent another surgery for reconstruction of leg bone as there was 10 cm defect in the bone (Tibia). Smaller bone(Fibula ) from opposite leg along with its blood vessels was used to fill the defect of (Tibia) bone of left leg (free Microvascular fibula graft) & fixation with plate & screws was done on 15/09/2014. Post operatively patient started walking from 7th day with walker support.

After Surgery

Introp - 7 After Mircovascular Anastomosis

Introp Fibula from Donor Leg - 4

Introp - 1

Introp - 2

Introp - 3 Donor Leg

Introp - 5 Free Fibula with Blood Vessels

Introp - 6 After Plate Fixation

Post OP Wound

Post OP X-ray

Pre OP X-ray - 2

Pre OP - 1

Mr. Khan Akram 28 yrs/male carpenter sustained total amputation of Left forearm at wrist level on 15/01/2015 due to electric wood cutting saw. He was brought to Vedant Hospital within one hour of injury with the separated hand in ice.

He immediately underwent Replantation of the amputated left hand successfully. The Replantation surgery was done with fixation of bones by Dr. Adhav (orthopedic surgeon) & repair of all tendons, blood vessels (arteries & veins) & all nerves. The blood supply to hand was successfully re-established within 4 hors of injury & patient's amputed hand was successfully saved.

Mr. Akram Khan went home happily on 26/01/2015 Republic day.