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Smile Train Project

About Smile Train Project


Smile Train was formed in 1999 with a model aimed at supporting professionals locally in developing countries and supporting them directly to carry out cleft surgeries. The idea was that it would be more efficient, less expensive, allow for proper follow - up care, and be a more sustainable solution than sending in Western medical mission teams. India was the second country where Smile Train started work and it has become the most productive - the South Asia region celebrated its 300,000th surgery in late 2011. Smile Train's program in India now does more surgeries each year than there are new cleft births, which is a pivotal milestone to address the backlog of clefts in the country.

Facilities in Vedant Hospital

Vedant Hospital is one of the smile train centre's In India under the Smile train Project. Under this project the patients of Cleft lip and Palate are operated free of cost inclusive of Medicines and Investigations. The patients are also sponsored for the food and transport to the Hospital. The project was started from Dec 2008 and till date we have operated more than 1000 patients free of cost. The good work was recognized and appreciated by the NGO and hospital is gifted with the Tata Nano Car.

Who Can Benefit ?

Any Person with Cleft lip & Cleft palate from age of 6 months to 40 years.

hospital-img Procedures Performed
  1. Cleft Lip Repair.
  2. Cleft Lip Palate.
  3. Cleft lip / palate revision.
  4. Palatal fistula repair.
  5. Cleft Rhinoplasty.
  6. VPI Surgery.
  7. Correction of other secondary deformities of cleft lip & palate.

Easy Navigation

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